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Wallpaper and painted environmental protection comparison and smart painted

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the double nozzle is cost-effective .This has brought great returns to our company

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The product quality is relatively stable and the cost performance is relatively high. Looking forward to the next cooperation.

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The product quality is relatively stable and the cost performance is relatively high. Looking forward to the next cooperation.

—— Arafat Nigeria

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Wallpaper and painted environmental protection comparison and smart painted
Latest company news about Wallpaper and painted environmental protection comparison and smart painted

Wallpapers are divided into three categories: pure wallpaper, this is the best wallpaper, the price is very expensive, the other is PVC wallpaper, 90% of the current market is PVC wallpaper, and the other is PVD wallpaper, PVC paper needs to be printed, which is needed in the printing process Formaldehyde, so formaldehyde is something that must be controlled. Regardless of the brand of latex paint, the measured value of formaldehyde is almost zero, but wallpaper is impossible, because wallpaper must be printed, and many patterns of wallpaper must be printed and then painted Rails can be made into wallpaper patterns, so in terms of environmental protection, latex paint is better than wallpaper.

At the same time, to ensure the durability of the wallpaper, it is often necessary to increase its abrasion resistance. This will reduce the air permeability and the sealed structure will bring new problems. First of all, the formaldehyde contained in the wallpaper itself is not easy to release. 


Secondly, the wall moisture is not easy to evaporate, which results in the firmness between the wallpaper and the wall, and the requirement of latex paint, the alkalinity should be less than or equal to 9.5%, but the wallpaper does not have this index, because latex paint requires the wall to be Latex paint can only be matched with alkali. If the wallpaper does not match the wall alkalinity, it will affect the wear resistance. At the same time, latex paint has a thickness resistance index, but the wallpaper does not have this index.


Does the paint have to be environmentally friendly? Not so, but here it is certain that the environmental performance of the wall painter is better than that of the wallpaper. At present, the demand for latex paint in the Jiangcheng paint market accounts for roughly 70%, and the 2008 Olympic Games venue is chosen I did not choose the wallpaper after using Carpoly paint, which shows that the environmental protection of latex paint is better than wallpaper.


From this point of view, in the traditional consumer concept, wall paint is still the first choice for home decoration, while wallpaper is more for young and fashionable families.


However, the propylene pigment used in wall painting is non-toxic and will not cause harm to the human body. Integrating art into life makes life more artistic.


Large-scale intelligent wall painting machine, inherits the treasure of mural art, and integrates the essence of modern art. The wall inkjet machine has obtained many national patents. It is an intelligent painting equipment specialized in wall painting art, dedicated to high-quality walls Artistic painting creation.


Wall painting is another new type of technology after hand-painted art, mural art, and hanging art. It combines classical, modern, classic, fashionable, traditional, and individual artistic painting elements. It is integrated and free to play, breaking through complete dependence. Hand-painting, murals, hanging paintings and other wall decoration methods are bottlenecks. Through mechanical intelligent color painting technology, the wall painting art can be expressed at will, achieving the highest state of color painting art.


Intelligent wall painting, pollution-free, no peculiar smell, health and environmental protection, anti-oxidation, no drop of 3D wall painting machine, long-lasting and new, free choice of patterns, diverse themes, full and gorgeous colors, to meet the individual needs of any user , Suitable for home, community, school, hotel, hotel, restaurant, KTV, club, shopping mall, company, factory, government agency and other wall personality painting, fashionable and avant-garde decorative effect, reflecting unique personality, highlighting the taste of art.


The culture of a nation is passed on from generation to generation.

combines ancient and modern art perfectly.

An advanced technology, ten years of precipitation.

Let the thousand-year-old wall painting art relive its splendor.

A smart device, extraordinary.

Brings you unparalleled decorative beauty.

Shenzhen shervin technology co.,ltd is the professional factory of 3D wall painting machine.welcome to inquiry the price with us!

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