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Popularization of wall painting machine

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the double nozzle is cost-effective .This has brought great returns to our company

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I like the three-jet wall painting machine very much, which is highly efficient. Brought great returns to our company. shenzhen shervin technology co.,ltd is a very good partner. Looking forward to becoming their local agent

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The product quality is relatively stable and the cost performance is relatively high. Looking forward to the next cooperation.

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The product quality is relatively stable and the cost performance is relatively high. Looking forward to the next cooperation.

—— Arafat Nigeria

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Popularization of wall painting machine
Latest company news about Popularization of wall painting machine

Popularization of wall painting machine
3D painting originated from abroad, and it is still a young one among the many painting arts, with a history of only 20 years. However, this art form has quickly become popular since its birth, and it has been sought after by young people and artists.
Why is this so? Because this art form is "close to the people", it is an art that the public can understand and appreciate, and it has a strong mass base. 3D painting is very mature and common in Western countries, and a group of outstanding 3D painting artists have emerged.
As we all know, painting requires a deep foundation in fine art, which is not a profession that ordinary people can engage in. However, the appearance of wall painting machines in recent years has given ordinary people new opportunities to make money in entrepreneurship. When people pay attention to this project, they will hear different names of different manufacturers, so they are full of doubts and are biased by friends.
The previous article also said that the rise of 3D painting has only been in the past two decades. To understand all kinds of D, we must first know what D is. Dimension is the spatial dimension. We all know that the spatial dimension above 3 is, in the words of Liu Cixin, "curled in the micro".
3D painting, as the name implies, is a painting with a very strong sense of three-dimensionality. The painter paints on the street or on the wall. Looking at the past from a specific angle, these flat paintings can give people a sense of three-dimensional objects. They are very magical and can even deceive people’s eyes. .

And in life we ​​can most feel and come into contact with 3D movies, 3D movies and naked-eye 3D, that is, you can see 3D pictures with the naked eye without 3D glasses. At present, the most widely used movie theater is to use 3D glasses.

There is also the concept of 4D movies on the market. What is 4D and what is 4D movies?
4D: Refers to Einstein's 4D theory, that is, adding the concept of time to 3D. When time and space are combined, it is called 4D space.

4D movies: This statement comes from the extension of 3D movies. Generally speaking, some sensory functions are added to the 3D basis, including smoke, rain, photoelectricity, bubbles, smells, etc. These "games" serve entertainment , Does not fit the nature of the movie, so the main significance is to improve the entertainment of watching movies, thereby increasing the income of the theater (the ticket price is generally higher than that of ordinary 3D), but due to the strong limitations of the 4D experience, 4D movies are not suitable for large-scale movies. Most films, so the director rarely participates in the creation.
3D movies are simply visual and auditory stereoscopic perceptions. 4D5D movies are based on 3D stereoscopic effects, allowing the audience to achieve the most powerful sense of realism in terms of hearing, sight, smell, and touch. It is like being in a movie and passing The environment simulation realizes the environment effect. Following the changes of the film and television content, you can feel you are in "lightning, smoke, and snowflakes" in real time. There is a scorching sensation in front of the "flame". When the waves hit you, you will "wet" your clothes and experience falling, vibration, Brand new real feelings such as wind, rain, and sweeping legs. The 7D movie is a dynamic journey. Sound, light, shadow, water, fog, smoke, the strong shaking when an earthquake comes, the sense of extinction when a landslide arrives, and otherworldly technology creates an excellent experience of 7D interactive movies. It combines the art of audio and video through sensing, The light perception, the use of vibration and shaking, etc. became real, coupled with the five-dimensional scene coverage, immediately led the viewer into it. Watching a movie became a movie-like life experience.
So, what is the concept of so many Ds in 5D7D8D9D12D? There is no uniform standard for the number in front of D>3. At present, the unified standard 4D system has special and independent names, such as 4DX, MX4D and so on. Others are based on the vibration of the chair, and other environmental factors play their own roles. And above that is the gimmick, usually "nonsense + name sounds rhyming". Regardless of the number of D, you have to wear glasses.
2D: The most conventional flat frame film;
3D: Wear 3D glasses and use the overlap of the visual difference between the left and right eyes to create a three-dimensional image;
4D: On the basis of 3D, the viewing environment will have sensory changes such as wind, rain, thunder, electricity, etc. For example, when it is raining in the film, some small drops of water will spray out in front of the audience seat;
5/6/7/8/9/12D: Our great working people have created one after another novel and new technology products that have not yet been developed by other countries.
The above text is basically introducing the content of the movie. Do you already understand that, except for 3D, which is related to painting, the other 4D5D6D7D8D12D has nothing to do with painting dime. They are all gimmicks made by businesses. , All belong to a kind of product, called 3D painting.
Wall painting machine, as the name implies, is a machine that paints on the wall, instead of labor, the painting is faster and more efficient. The effect that the machine can paint is also the 3D effect, the three-dimensional effect that can be observed by the naked eye. There is no way for the wall painter to achieve the effect of 4D5D6D7D8D12D and other sensory surrounding three-dimensional latitude.
The wall painter also has many names. The name used by Prosperity is 3D smart wall painter, which is an upgraded product of the wall painter. 4D wall painting machine, 5D wall painting machine, 6D color plotting machine, 8D art color plotting machine, etc. belong to a mechanical category, collectively referred to as wall painting machine. The wall painter can only make 3D effects, and anything else that says how much D can make is deceptive.
Many customers who visit our factory often ask why your machine can only play 3D, and how much D can be played by other people's machines. I hope that customers and friends who have read this popular science article can have a deep understanding of relevant knowledge points.

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