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Market profit analysis of wall painting machine

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Wall painting machine is very stable .the effect is perfect. sherlock is a good salesman!

—— mosa akbar (kuwait)

the double nozzle is cost-effective .This has brought great returns to our company

—— lex(thailand)

I like the three-jet wall painting machine very much, which is highly efficient. Brought great returns to our company. shenzhen shervin technology co.,ltd is a very good partner. Looking forward to becoming their local agent

—— karim ss Morocco

We have purchased five wall painting machines. The quality is stable and the after-sales service is very good. Looking forward to getting more customer orders. Thank you sherlcok for excellent service

—— salim odah egypt

Thank you Sherlock for your warm recommendation. We bought a wall painting machine with three nozzles. Thank you for the ink. Looking forward to the development of the four-jet wall machine。

—— sayed mohamed alsayed

The product quality is relatively stable and the cost performance is relatively high. Looking forward to the next cooperation.

—— Arafat Nigeria

The product quality is relatively stable and the cost performance is relatively high. Looking forward to the next cooperation.

—— Arafat Nigeria

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Market profit analysis of wall painting machine
Latest company news about Market profit analysis of wall painting machine

Market profit analysis of wall painting machine


The hand-painted market has always been there, and traditional hand-painting is divided into decoration painting and outdoor painting.

Home decoration painting is generally high-end, and the price is generally 200-600 yuan. Some master-level hand-painted masters need several thousand yuan to draw a picture, and must have art talent. The entry barrier is very high, the construction process is complicated, and the first draft is required. Drafting, typing, coloring, revising, a lot of time and energy are spent on each stroke, and it can be described as a veritable project. The speed of painting varies from person to person and there is uncertainty. For example, if the hand-painted person has something at home or is sick and takes a break, the construction period will be delayed. In addition, the speed of hand drawing is relatively slow, generally 4-8 square meters per day. The lack of precision is not delicate. The paint used for hand-painting costs 2-10 yuan/square meter. Here is a rough calculation of how much money a person can make a day by hand-painting 4 square meters a day. If a person paints 4 square meters a day, the cost of paint is 40 yuan, and the fee is 200 yuan per square meter. There is an income of 760 yuan per day, and it is not guaranteed to have a living every day dry.

Machine painting


Machine painting has the advantage of being cheaper than manual painting, and it is easier to enter the homes of ordinary people and is more acceptable to ordinary people. Therefore, its market is larger than that of high-end manual painting, and the number of construction days is more. On the other hand, although the price of machine painting is 150-300 yuan per square meter lower than manual painting. However, the printing speed of the machine is 3 square meters per hour (the highest accuracy). The biggest difference between the machine and the human is that the machine does not need to eat, sleep, or get sick. It can have more than ten hours of construction a day, and the machine construction does not require cumbersome drafts. For operations such as drafting, typing, coloring, etc., the customer directly selects the picture, or the customer provides the picture he likes, or even the picture taken with the mobile phone. After a simple beautification process, enter the wall painting machine and the machine will directly After printing it, people don't need to worry about the machine anymore, just wait for the machine to finish the painting. The accuracy of machine printing is higher than that of manual hand-painting, and it can even print jade carvings, reliefs, and 3D-effect three-dimensional graphics. This is impossible to do by hand drawing. Finally, calculate how much money the machine can make in one day. Print with the highest accuracy of 3 square meters per hour, and it costs 180 yuan per square meter. A 3-bedroom room has about 20 square meters of walls that can be painted, and the construction can be completed in less than 8 hours. The cost of the paint is 60 yuan, and the electricity is used by the owner. 20 square meters X 180 yuan -60 yuan = 3540 yuan, that is, at least 3540 yuan a day. It doesn't take a month to easily pay back. So this is why so many hand-painted companies buy wall-painting machines, and the profit lies here.

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