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Introduction of 3D smart wall painter

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Wall painting machine is very stable .the effect is perfect. sherlock is a good salesman!

—— mosa akbar (kuwait)

the double nozzle is cost-effective .This has brought great returns to our company

—— lex(thailand)

I like the three-jet wall painting machine very much, which is highly efficient. Brought great returns to our company. shenzhen shervin technology co.,ltd is a very good partner. Looking forward to becoming their local agent

—— karim ss Morocco

We have purchased five wall painting machines. The quality is stable and the after-sales service is very good. Looking forward to getting more customer orders. Thank you sherlcok for excellent service

—— salim odah egypt

Thank you Sherlock for your warm recommendation. We bought a wall painting machine with three nozzles. Thank you for the ink. Looking forward to the development of the four-jet wall machine。

—— sayed mohamed alsayed

The product quality is relatively stable and the cost performance is relatively high. Looking forward to the next cooperation.

—— Arafat Nigeria

The product quality is relatively stable and the cost performance is relatively high. Looking forward to the next cooperation.

—— Arafat Nigeria

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Introduction of 3D smart wall painter

Wall printer, a popular hot-selling entrepreneurial model in recent years, affordable, high input-output ratio, is a project that entrepreneurs love to choose, strong applicability, simple operation, suitable for outdoor wall printing, inkjet, indoor wall Body paint spray printing, one-time imaging, bright colors, non-fading, using green, healthy and environmentally friendly ink, low cost, can be printed on any material wall, with good effect. Intelligent upgrade type, microcomputer control, PVC operation panel, menu interface, liquid crystal display, X-axis adopts imported linear guide rail, additional constant speed buffer program, automatic locking program, arbitrary position positioning program, running more smoothly, and higher accuracy. Y-axis adopts imported dual-axis track, barrier-free roller slider, set memory program, automatically lock the height and run more smoothly and smoothly. The Z-axis adopts the American original measurement and control sensor to realize accurate, fast and automatic tracking of uneven walls, easily solve the problems of uneven walls, inclined walls, and uneven walls, making construction more worry-free, safer and more effective. Using imported eight-color (four-color) Epson high-definition piezoelectric nozzle, using oil-based ink, the inkjet is smoother, faster, more precise, more delicate, more vivid, and clearer. Equipped with an automatic nozzle cleaning device, no need to disassemble, complete automatically, which effectively guarantees the smooth flow of the ink path, and the nozzle adopts an automatic protection device, which greatly reduces the risk of the nozzle from the external environment. The fully enclosed continuous ink supply system ensures that the ink tube has no negative pressure and the continuity of ink supply, prevents dust from entering the ink tube and nozzle, and prolongs the service life of the nozzle so that it is more suitable for outdoor environments. Intelligent lifting platform, according to different wall heights, the height of the machine can be adjusted arbitrarily.


3D intelligent wall painting machine application industry:

Home improvement industry: TV background wall, porch background wall
Outdoor industry: school cultural wall, new rural image wall
Stone industry: large slab stone, granite background wall, marble, artificial stone
Home decoration: shop decoration, oil painting wall surface, decorative painting and other industries:
Furniture industry: marble table top, jade TV cabinet, wardrobe door, cabinet door, wooden door industry
Glass industry: glass background wall, glass decorative painting, glass crafts.
Decorative ceramics, wooden crafts, furniture, metal panels, ceilings, curtain fabrics, tapestry murals, etc. Brings simple and personalized operations to decorations and special products. Previously, this type of market was characterized by high manual processing ingredients, low production efficiency, and many short-run operations. Digital painting technology does not require plate-making and single-width printing, and the finished product is high. , The production speed is fast, the photo-level picture can be sprayed, and the color is rich and colorful to replace the previous hand-made. Open up a unique personalized market in the decoration industry.

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