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How to buy wall painting machine_wall painting machine price

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Wall painting machine is very stable .the effect is perfect. sherlock is a good salesman!

—— mosa akbar (kuwait)

the double nozzle is cost-effective .This has brought great returns to our company

—— lex(thailand)

I like the three-jet wall painting machine very much, which is highly efficient. Brought great returns to our company. shenzhen shervin technology co.,ltd is a very good partner. Looking forward to becoming their local agent

—— karim ss Morocco

We have purchased five wall painting machines. The quality is stable and the after-sales service is very good. Looking forward to getting more customer orders. Thank you sherlcok for excellent service

—— salim odah egypt

Thank you Sherlock for your warm recommendation. We bought a wall painting machine with three nozzles. Thank you for the ink. Looking forward to the development of the four-jet wall machine。

—— sayed mohamed alsayed

The product quality is relatively stable and the cost performance is relatively high. Looking forward to the next cooperation.

—— Arafat Nigeria

The product quality is relatively stable and the cost performance is relatively high. Looking forward to the next cooperation.

—— Arafat Nigeria

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How to buy wall painting machine_wall painting machine price
Latest company news about How to buy wall painting machine_wall painting machine price

I believe that wall painting machines have long been familiar and well-known, and this has created a large number of wall painting machine manufacturers. This has benefits and disadvantages for consumers. The advantage is that the price of wall painting machines can be suppressed, consumers You don’t need to spend a lot of money to buy a wall painting machine. The disadvantage is that wall painting machine manufacturers are prevalent, which leads to a mixture of manufacturers, and the quality of wall painting machines is also uneven. Consumers do not know where to start or how to start. Choose, for fear of choosing the wrong one. If you choose the wrong one, you will lose money. If you choose the right one, you will have a lot of money. Therefore, it is particularly important for the layperson of the wall painting machine to choose the correct manufacturer. Then how to choose the wall painting correctly The machine manufacturer has a trick. Let me explain it to you.

One of the shopping tips: the precision of the eye-catching eyes (the printing precision of the wall painter is DPI or small characters)

The accuracy of a wall painter is an important measure of the quality of a piece of equipment, because no matter what model of wall painter, the most basic requirement is printing accuracy.

The method to test the printing accuracy is: print 2-3 words, if the wall painter has clear fonts, no ghosting, and no blur, it is a qualified product. If the font is blurred and ghosted, it means that the wall painter has too much vibration during the printing process. This is caused by the unreasonable structural design, which prevents the printing head's running force from being properly resolved and released. If the character cannot be recognized at all, then This printer can already be passed off. Another possibility is that the wall painting machine equipment is not properly debugged, the nozzle status is not good, the nozzle color is not set properly, or the machine is aging, etc., it is not necessarily a machine problem. Consumers must be aware of these factors!

Purchase Tip 2: Repeatedly review performance status

The performance of wall-painting machines, bosses who do printing processing, must know that setting is the most important in mass production. If the position is not accurate, the scrap rate will increase. At this time, choosing a printer with stable performance is particularly important.

The method is: print the cross, repeat the printing ten times, and look at it with a 40x magnifying glass. If it overlaps, the machine can be bought. If there is a little mistake, you can pass. Or directly use the silk screen method to test the sets. Print the blue dots first, and then print the red on the blue basis. Use a 40x magnifying glass to see. If the blue is not visible, the machine has high precision. If one of these two methods fails, the muddy water should not flow.

Purchase Tip Three: Look at the colors

The wall-painting machine prints colors and colors. The more colors the machine, the better the color reproduction. The wall painter adopts an 8-color high-reducibility inkjet printer, the printing colors are more gorgeous, the reduction degree is better, and the printed portraits are realistic and natural. Of course, color is not the main measurement standard, because the color is determined by many factors. The first is the ink. The more expensive the ink, the better the color reproduction is. The second is the print head. Different print heads have different colors and software. , The software settings are different, the colors are also different, there are also ICC curves, the curves are different, the colors are also very different, all colors are composed of many aspects, and you cannot just look at the colors.

Purchase Tip No. 4: Accuracy test of equal length of polygon and diagonal

Within the maximum printable range of the wall painter, print a rectangular frame. After printing, use a ruler to measure whether the length of the diagonal is the same. According to the rule of the diagonal of the quadrilateral, if the diagonal is the same length, this is a standard If the length of the rectangle is not equal, it means that it is no longer a rectangle, but a rhombus or trapezoid. If the printed rectangles are not of equal length, then the printed rectangles have been severely shifted, and the printing accuracy has not reached the qualified requirements.

This is a main criterion for measuring the quality of the wall painting machine, to test whether the machine is offset, whether there are accuracy problems, etc.

Purchase Tip Five: The scale and strength of wall painting machine manufacturers

There are many manufacturers of wall painting machines. Different manufacturers have different strengths, different scales, different quality, different costs, and different after-sales services. So how to choose? Many people will want to choose the scale. Big, strong brand, strong, strong after-sales service, of course, normal people think like this. In fact, choosing a manufacturer requires choosing a good reputation, followed by a price! At present, there are more Kelen wall machines, Huachuang wall printers, and Amy wall machines.

Purchase Tip Six: Price Factors of Wall Painter

The price of wall painting machine is also a major aspect that consumers consider when buying wall painting machine. Different machines have different prices. The price of wall painting machine ranges from 30,000 to 60,000, so how should consumers choose

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