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24 Inch Lcd 160cm Colorless Temperature Disinfection Channel

24 Inch Lcd 160cm Colorless Temperature Disinfection Channel

  • 24 Inch Lcd 160cm Colorless Temperature Disinfection Channel
  • 24 Inch Lcd 160cm Colorless Temperature Disinfection Channel
24 Inch Lcd 160cm Colorless Temperature Disinfection Channel
Product Details:
Place of Origin: china
Brand Name: SHERVIN
Certification: ce ,rohs, fcc
Model Number: ITMD-S1
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 sets
Price: 4000 usd -75000usd
Delivery Time: within 5-7days after your payment
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 500sets/month
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Detailed Product Description
Maximum Power: Standard Version 600W LCD: 24 Inch Lcd
High-pressure Atomizer: Three-point High-pressure Atomization Wide Voltage Power Supply: 110V-230V
Identification Method: Infrared Face, Visible Light Face Product Name: Temperature Disinfection Channel
High Light:

160cm Temperature Disinfection Channel


160cm Temperature Disinfection Machine


Colorless Temperature Disinfection Channel

                    3years warranty Multifunction standard version intelligent temperature measuring disinfection intergrated machine


Shenzhen xinqichuang Technology Co., Ltd. adheres to the design concept of "don't bring germs home, but return you a healthy living space". After several years of careful research, it launched this "intelligent temperature measuring disinfection machine for public health prevention" ".
Xin qichuang advocates the health concept of "disinfecting for 10 seconds, no trace of germs", and cultivate good hygiene habits to ensure good health and family happiness!
The main control adopts Android eight-core system, binocular camera accurate face recognition, infrared laser live body temperature detection, high-pressure spray disinfection, and the information release system can broadcast health and epidemic prevention information in a global cluster, and release commercial advertisements.

Food grade disinfectant is colorless, odorless, and non-irritating to the skin, eyes, and respiratory mucosa
① A single oral toxicity test (acute toxicity test) is normal.

② Single/repeated irritation test, no irritation.

③ Eye irritation test, no irritation.

④ Allergic reaction test, no allergy.

⑤ Cell virus test, negative.

⑥ Return to sudden mutation test, negative.
Note: Testing agency (financial) Food, Agriculture and Pharmaceutical Safety Evaluation Center.

24 Inch Lcd 160cm Colorless Temperature Disinfection Channel 0

Intelligent temperature measuring disinfection machine has five functions

Human body temperature measurement function. (Non-contact large-scale population temperature detection)

Face recognition function (public security grid management, access control and attendance management).

Whole body atomization disinfection function (inactivated bacteria disinfection, the inactivation rate of body surface bacteria is 99.7%).

Somatosensory interaction (fun and entertainment).

Advertising machine promotion, legal promotion


Product features and delivery scenarios


1. Areas with dense crowds: stations, wharfs, airports, convenient administrative halls, subway stations and other areas, public body temperature screening, public health prevention, disinfection and epidemic prevention in public areas, grid management of public safety, management of gates, and publicity of laws and regulations or PSAs.
2. Enterprises and institutions, schools, commercial office buildings, used for public body temperature screening, disinfection and epidemic prevention in public areas, integrated access control management, and attendance management.
3. Hospital outpatient clinics, social health centers, large-scale integrated commercial complexes, bars KTV, hotels, used for public body temperature screening, public health prevention, disinfection and epidemic prevention in public areas, grid management of public security, and commercial advertising.
4. Public gathering activities, conference venues, large-scale competitions, public safety management, public health disinfection and epidemic prevention, commercial advertising.



product name Intelligent temperature measuring disinfection machine
Product Size The size of the standard version is 64cm wide, 40cm long, and 175cm high
The external dimensions of the deluxe version are 69cm wide, 160cm long and 2025cm high.
Maximum power Standard version 600W
Luxury version 800W
Processor configuration Android eight-core processor
LCD 24 inch lcd
Pixel camera 1.3 million infrared face, 3 million visible light face (wide dynamic)
Binocular face recognition Face storage number 10,000 groups, face recognition distance 100cm
Infrared body temperature detection Test distance: 50cm-100cm Temperature range: 28-43℃ Test accuracy: ±0.2°
Spray disinfection High-pressure spray can kill bacteria, spores, viruses, fungi, spirochetes, etc. on the body surface
High-pressure atomizer Three-point high-pressure atomization
Voice prompts Temperature voice prompt and LCD screen display prompt, light alarm prompt
Wide voltage power supply 110V-230V
Disinfectant capacity Disinfectant capacity water tank capacity: 20L/400 people 1L/20 people
Identification method Infrared face, visible light face
Network Interface RJ45, RS232, Wiegand 26/34 output, relay
Applicable environment Working temperature: -20~55℃ Working humidity: 25~85%



Food grade disinfectant introduction


(1) From the perspective of the nature and generation mechanism of weakly acidic hypochlorous acid, acidity (a neutral pH value) and high redox are its main characteristics, as well as its strong sterilization and disinfection mechanism. Therefore, weak The name of acid hypochlorous acid (characteristics + ingredients) is more appropriate.
(2) Compared with other disinfection products, the sterilization time that produces the sterilization effect is shorter (SGS inspection can eliminate E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Candida albicans, Aspergillus niger and other bacteria within 10 seconds) , 5min average sterilization rate can reach about 99%.
(3) Broad-spectrum sterilization can kill all pathogenic microorganisms (bacteria, spores, viruses, fungi, spirochetes, etc.).
Easy to use, ready to use, no preparation, source of pure water and sodium chloride.
(4) Colorless, tasteless, non-toxic, harmless, non-irritating to the skin, eyes, respiratory mucosa, no toxic side effects, and no pollution to the environment
(5) It is not corrosive and will not explode.


Core competitive advantage
1. Special scenes help public service advertisements to be broadcast, actively promote the prevention concept that prevention is more important than cure, and integrate into people's daily life with real free disinfection services, so that everyone can go out cleanly and cleanly Going home, in the days to come, no matter what kind of virus or when the epidemic is likely to reappear, we don’t have to panic anymore.


The health services and health concepts brought by the new Changcheng Technology will definitely be with us in the near future. Everyone in life will be the guardian of everyone's health and epidemic prevention. We will make unremitting efforts to this end and firmly believe that it can be achieved!


2. The first domestic company to launch a free public disinfection service, which not only meets the needs of users, but also meets the needs of stores.


The commercial advertising revenue generated through the device's own screen covers the investment and maintenance costs, and it can also be interactive and easy to create brand influence. Lihe publicity effect of word of mouth.

3. The disinfectant and deodorant used are food grade, which not only has a high inactivation rate, but also is absolutely safe. The flavor agent is produced by an exclusive secret recipe, which can remove all kinds of peculiar smells and kill most germs within a few seconds.


The effect is obvious, and there is no harm to human skin and respiratory tract. This technology is domestically leading and unique.

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